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David and Debbie Dunford are successful home business owners. Debbie began her network marketing journey while homeschooling three of her four boys. She started working her business during the nooks and crannies of her day. This began an amazing and sometimes discouraging journey. Along the way, her husband, David, decided to join in her adventure. Together they continue to learn, grow, and have fun in their business.  After progressing to online marketing, they found that paying forward what they were learning along their journey was enormously rewarding. They strive to provide help and value to other entrepreneurs so they can achieve the success they desire in their business as well.


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When David and Debbie are not busy being parents, busy with their business, working (David), homeschooling (Debbie), and keeping up with their kids activities, they enjoy taking their boys on adventures, and going on dates together. Debbie also imagines decorating her house well and dreams of coming up with a plan for her yard that is worthy of Home and Garden Magazine. David enjoys playing games with and teasing his boys, ice cream, writing his book, and long walks on the beach...or was that Debbie?

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