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Create a Quality Team Easier Using These Unique Strategies

What would it do for your business to have 10+ QUALITY people reaching out to you, interested in your business, every day?

I can tell you from personal experience...

It has taken my husband David and I from exhausting and endless (and usually fruitless) hours of prospecting, to stress-free team building.

And we're going to show you HOW it can happen for YOU.

But our journey didn't start out that way.

Maybe this sounds familiar:

You struggle big time while trying to prospect friends, family, old acquaintances, and strangers on social media (and at kids sporting events).

And the few people who have joined your team, aren't quality prospects.

They all quit within a few months.

This has made you lose precious time with your family that you can never get back...

And STILL you're searching for that residual income to be a reality;

The dream of a successful business always that: a dream.

It’s not only exhausting but a major time sucker, right?!

We've been there!

But, with the unique strategies David and I are implementing,

We have around 10 QUALITY people a DAY reaching out to us asking what it is we are doing!

And the sweet thing is, these people are literally inviting themselves to take a look at our business.

So, how can YOU do that?

We're going to share with you 4 of the EXACT strategies we use to stop the "No's" and turn them into "Yes's,"

So YOU can start having people ask about YOUR business.

To start off, let me fill you in on a widely kept secret.

How you’re being taught to build your business (especially if it’s by an out-of-touch upline) may actually be REPELLING people.

The good news?

We have a reliable system that ATTRACTS people, giving time back, and creates a steady stream of income--all on autopilot.

Let me explain,

Imagine not having to worry and stress about finding prospects anymore.

You may be wondering,

What’s the secret?

How did David and I become the hunted instead of the hunters?

The secret is...

It’s all in the processes we’ve created for our business.

There is no magic wand that delivers a thriving and successful business on a silver platter.

However, there are strategies that help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently than others.

-Becoming the hunted instead of the hunter

-Getting your business to run on autopilot

-Growing a team of serious business builders

-Creating a residual income


-Gaining time freedom

Let’s visit each of these strategies.

Become the hunted by building Curiosity.

People are naturally curious.

They are drawn to things that make them wonder or question.

So, how do you get them to wonder about you?

Provide them with value.

Offer them information that will help them with their business, their health, their weight…

Whatever the situation is.

Providing them with value BEFORE you ask for their money, helps them

-start to get to know you

-begin to trust you

-and who doesn’t like someone who provides them with free info?

Building your business on autopilot is not a must, but is definitely a time saver.

I used to spend my evenings, and the wee hours of the morning, cold messaging people, following up with others, and looking for more people to contact about our opportunity.

Then, I’d wake up the next morning exhausted and irritable...

And still have to homeschool and be a mom.

I was not pleasant to be around.

And I knew I could never keep up that kind of schedule.

With that in mind, we made sure our system did the up-front work for us...

So the only people who we message or have conversations with are those who are high-quality, serious builders.

And them joining your team, especially with the Know, Like, Trust piece you've already built with them by providing value, is almost a no brainer for them...

Making your rank advancements come quicker and easier than ever.

You can check out the video series that started us on our journey HERE.

Have you ever spent hours talking with people...finally get them to sign up...only to have them quit shortly afterwards?

That happened to us constantly.

We worked like crazy the first 3 months and got 10 people to sign up.

Within another 3 months, all of them were gone.

It was a HUGE waste of time that we will never get back.

(And think of all the sleep I could have had! LOL)

So, remember that upfront work we mentioned that we no longer do?

Because our system does it for us…

Guess what else it does?

DISQUALIFIES people who aren’t serious or aren’t a good fit for our business, and QUALIFIES those who are.

Imagine how much time it saves having the sorting done for you, so you are only talking to a warm market.

Let me put it this way...

Think for a minute the typical process for getting a job.

You go to an employer,

Fill out an application describing why you want to work for them and what qualifications you have.

The company calls you in for an interview,

And then you wait to hear if you got the job.

Now imagine people filling out applications to work with YOU in your business?

That’s part of the beauty of a business run on auto-pilot.

You can set up part of your process to have people fill out your application,

And if they’re qualified, you set up an interview.

This way, you get VERY serious business builders to build your team...that you hand picked.

Now even though that new stream of income is great...

It's not enough to create a big residual income...

And that leads us to

You may be asking yourself,

"Self, why would I want multiple streams of income?"

Allow me to share an example with you to illustrate just how important it is.

Let's say Sharon is a network marketer.

She loves her company-(at least we hope so-LOL)-

That company has a generous compensation plan...

And once she gets her team together, she'll have all the income she needs.


--For now--

Fast forward a year.

One day, Sharon's very large and successful team gets some gut-wrenching news...

The company is going under.

Sharon and her team have lost everything overnight.

The new lifestyle she has adopted over the past year she is no longer able to support.

Bills start piling up.

She might even lose her house.

No one wants to be Sharon.

How would that story have a different ending if Sharon had multiple sources of income?

-She'd keep her house

-She'd still be able to support her new lifestyle

-She wouldn't have to stress about bills as she searches for a replacement income to the one she lost.

-She would go through what might have been a horrifying process with relative ease.

Don't get too comfortable if you think this doesn't apply to you.

The situation can happen to anyone who doesn't have multiple streams of income...

Whether you're working at a job, your own brick and mortar business, as an affiliate, or as a network marketer.

Having your eggs in one basket always puts you at the mercy of that company.

Now you may be wondering where you get MULTIPLE streams of income?

So, can I fill you in?

Creating a business based on the strategies of Attraction Marketing, which are the strategies I’ve been describing in this blog,

And which you can find out more about by clicking on THIS LINK,

Teach you to focus on branding YOURSELF, not the company you’re with.

If you’re wondering what that looks like in more detail, go HERE.

Basically, by branding yourself, you are able to dip your toe into many sources.

For example, you can:

-Become an affiliate of another company

-Set up a coaching business


-Create your own products to sell

All of these can be done (one at a time...don’t think you have to do it all now) as you continue to grow YOUR brand,

That way you bring money to you from multiple sources continuously,

Creating a residual income.

No more sleepless nights.


You finally have peace of mind...

And that dream life you’ve wanted…

-never missing kids events

-going on vacation spur-of-the moment

-getting back to hobbies you let go of years ago

-going out to lunch with friends

-setting your own schedule

-Not having to look at price tags


-Never having to set an alarm to go to work…

Can become a reality.

And it all starts with our free training you can find HERE.

You may want to ask yourself this one question:

If you could learn strategies to more effectively attain your goals of increasing your income and building your downline, would it be worth your time to take a look?

If the answer is Yes,

Then you’ll definitely want to check out the Bootcamp below.

Talk Soon,

Debbie Dunford

David & Debbie Dunford

David and Debbie Dunford started their business together so that David could eventually quit his job. Debbie Dunford is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom, turned network marketer. Though successful as a traditional network marketer, she wanted to expand her business, increase her sales more efficiently, and attract people to her. She knew in order to do so, she would need to take her business online. So she took on the task of learning true online marketing and was blown away by the opportunities that afforded her business. Her husband David joined her recently on her adventure and now the two of them are creating a powerhouse business. They are paying it forward helping other entrepreneurs get more leads and sales using the same tools and techniques to grow their business the way they want it.

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